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Puppy Crate Training


How do I keep my 7 month old dog from using the bathroom in his crate? He doesn't use the bathroom in the house at all, but when I leave him in his crate he always makes a mess. I have to leave him in the crate while I am at work, but I check on him around lunch. But he always pees in his crate and on occasion he will poop. He hates being away from me, but I have to leave him in the crate while I'm at work. He doesn't mess when I leave him in larger spaces but he destroys carpet and books and whatever he feels like chewing. I leave plenty of toys for him to play with as well. Nothing works!

From your brief description, it sounds like it could be anxiety over being left alone or anxiety about being confined. If he does well in his crate when you are home (not sleeping, but actually moving around), it's probably anxiety over being left alone. I'd suggest leaving him with one or two stuffed Kongs, exercising him well before you leave, and try to leave him in a larger space than his crate (but one that doesn't have stuff for him to destroy). Additionally, you may want to try some of the holistic anti-anxiety remedies like flower essences and DAP plug-ins. You could also try doggie daycare so he isn't left alone and he's burning off energy. Even a couple days a week could help.