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How do I stop growling and barking? My Pomeranian sleeps under the bed at night...


How do I stop growling and barking? My Pomeranian sleeps under the bed at night and growls every time my husband comes into the room. Also he barks a lot. At everything. How can I stop that? Or at least slow it down?

Well the barking at everything can often be decreased through an increase in exercise (he'll have less energy to bark with) and an increase in socialization. Most dogs are barking at things that startle them or scare them, so socializing him will make less things startling or scary. Rewarding him for quiet behavior will also help.
As for him growling at your husband... It sounds like the dog might be nervous or territorial. Having him sleep in a kennel will keep him and your husband safe. The dog should feel secure in the kennel. If that doesn't reduce the growling, having the dog sleep in another room would. To work on him feeling more comfortable when your husband comes in, you can have your husband practice walking in and tossing the dog a treat (obviously the dog couldn't be under the bed for this part). You should start to see the dog happy and anticipating a treat when your husband comes into the room.


22 Jan 2011 2:25 pm

magstar01 said:

good thought

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