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I adopted two 6 month old cats about three weeks ago. They were declawed/neuter...


I adopted two 6 month old cats about three weeks ago. They were declawed/neutered last Thursday. I have been giving them pain meds from the vet since Friday. On Monday this week one of my boys urinated on my bed, and he did it again today (Tuesday) in a different spot after I cleaned up the old stain. Before his surgery, either he or his brother had defecated a couple of times on a corner rug, but they were both otherwise very good about using the litter box. Do you have any idea why my cat has started urinating on my bed and how I can get him to stop? Thanks!

It sounds like your cat may be a little stressed. Because of their sensitive nature, cats can sometimes get stressed out and display stress-related behaviors.

Some of the most common causes of cat stress are: changes in the immediate environment, introduction of a new pet into the family, sudden loud noises, unfamiliar smells or the absence of certain family members.

Some signs of stress include: hiding, unusual fearfulness or aggression, excessive vocalizing, urine marking, changes in eating habits or eliminating outside the litter box.

If you notice signs of stress in your cat, try to identify the cause, then take steps to help your cat cope. In many situations, spending more time with him while gently grooming and speaking softly to him can be wonderfully calming. If an environmental change is the trigger, try to slowly get your cat used to the new situation.

If your cat's stress doesn't seem to diminish within a few days, have a talk with your vet about other ways of treating her, which in some cases may even include anti-anxiety medications.