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I bought two 7 week old chinese dwarf hamsters for my 3 children who are 11,9, a...


I bought two 7 week old chinese dwarf hamsters for my 3 children who are 11,9, and 7 years old. I was told by a petsmart associate that these small pets are great for kids and that they can play with them and will allow us to hold them. The problem is that the hamsters seem very active and one even jumped out of my hand while I was holding her. Since I only have a couple of days with them, I would like to know if they are indeed good pets for my young children and will they calm down enough to be held without fearing they will escape?

While many Chinese like to be held, some prefer to only have an exercise ball and move around that way. It depends on the personality of the individual hamster. Hamsters do move fast so if one of these pets were to get on the ground, it is likely that they may escape. Also, your hamsters are young and they may settle down.

If the desire is a pet that is not going to escape and will definitely allow the children to be interactive, it may be best to consider gerbils(if they are legal to sell in your state) or guinea pigs.

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