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I have 2 pitbulls how can potty train them without disiplinary actions. Every bo...


I have 2 pitbulls how can potty train them without disiplinary actions. Every body to spank them when they do wrong. They have never be put on restrants of any kind not even collars what should I do?

Good news! You don't need leashes (usually) or disciplinary action to potty train your pups. They need to be supervised at all times. When you cannot watch them, they should be kept someplace where it's ok if they eliminate (outside, small room with potty pad, etc) or someplace where they won't eliminate (appropriately sized crate). Reward them for eliminating outside and try to prevent accidents. We have a few articles on this site that give details for potty training and PetSmart offers potty training classes. Right now, in January, we are offering New Dog Orientation seminars each Saturday for FREE and potty training is covered. You can get information at your local PetSmart.

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