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I have a new little puppy a little over 6 weeks old, and at night he is crying a...


I have a new little puppy a little over 6 weeks old, and at night he is crying a lot, usually until I pet him then he falls back asleep. Should I continue to jump up every time he cries or let him cry a little.

Dogs bark to communicate they are bored, to express fear or alarm, to get attention or just for fun. In young puppies, it could also be a sign of your pet adjusting to being alone. Some puppies will out grow the whining as they age however, other puppies will need training to curb this behavior. To control excessive barking, it's important to first understand what is prompting your dogs to bark, that is, what they are trying to communicate.

If your dog ia whining between barks, it may be a sign that he are frightened or that he doesn't want you to leave the house.

As hard as it is, the best thing to do is ignore the crying. If you continue to reward his behavior by giving him attention, you will encourage him to continue crying at night.

You may also want to enroll in a puppy class with a pet trainer