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I have a pit bull mix I believe shes a year old, I got her from the pound. She w...


I have a pit bull mix I believe shes a year old, I got her from the pound. She was potty trained when we got her, until she had pups. She has started using the bathroom whenever we lock her up. We had her and the pups in the bathroom for the first 2 weeks and she was using the bathroom in there and walking in it climbing on the toilet. So we moved her and her pups to a crate to get the puppies use to noise. The crate is big enough just for her and her pups to lay down. For the first couple of days it was working but then she started to use the bathroom in the crate with her pups in there. I don't know what else to do I need some advice on how to fix this problem.

That can be frustrating. Since I'm not sure how long you had her before she had puppies, I'd say that if she was completely housebroken (i.e. NO accidents) for a good 3-4 months, then I'd take her to the vet and ask if it's a medical problem. When a previously housebroken dog suddenly starts using the bathroom in the house, a trip to the vet is always in order. If everything is ok health-wise and the problem mainly occurs when she's locked up, I would give her a bigger space and a potty pad (or other indoor potty option). We need to get her eliminating in one specific area again when you are gone. You may not have much success until the puppies are all placed. Once you've got her back in the habit of eliminating where you want you could try reducing the area she has access to and eventually get her back to holding her bladder inside and only pottying outside. I would also treat her for pottying outside and make sure you go with her so you can praise her for the appropriate behavior.