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I have a puppy. He's only 6/7 wks old. He's like peeing and pooping everywhere a...


I have a puppy. He's only 6/7 wks old. He's like peeing and pooping everywhere all the time. A lot of times we are able to catch him to take him outside, but how do we get him to let us know he has to potty and to go outside to potty and not in the house? We only feed him 3 x a day, and we have him on a schedule.

At that age, any success in housetraining is usually because the owner is paying attention. Having him on a schedule is great. He may not have good control of his bladder until he's 3-4 months old, so keep taking him out frequently. Every time he eliminates outside and you reward him for it, he's building a habit. Eventually, he'll only want to go outside. Until you've been accident-free for a few weeks, I wouldn't expect him to "tell" you he needs to go. Once he's pottying outside consistently you could get him to ring a bell at the back door to let you know he needs to go. You can start that training now, by encouraging him to ring the bell with his nose or paw every time you take him out. As soon as he makes the bell ring, open the door and take him out, then reward him with praise and/or a treat when he eliminates in the right spot. He'll figure it out in no time. Until he's older though, just make sure someone is always watching him so he doesn't have any accidents inside. If he has an accident, clean it as soon as you can with an enzymatic cleaner. PetSmart also offers Potty Training seminars and books that could help you.