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i have a son that is scared of the larger dogs but does want a small one he has ...


i have a son that is scared of the larger dogs but does want a small one he has ADHD can you recommend one - we are looking at Beagles

Really, this is more about an individual dog rather than a breed type -- calm, quiet, attentive, trained or ready to be trained. Those traits are more commonly found in an adult dog, say, three or older. Jumping up, barking, and unpredictable movements all add to the anxiety for children who are fearful of dogs, and the child's reaction to them just increases the behavior. Very small breeds (toys), puppies of any type, and some adolescents without training will all fit into that category.
It's easier to list breed types that are not recommended in this situation than those to select: toy breeds and herding dogs, even adults, are more inclined to those behaviors. The right beagle type could be great -- more medium than small, for example. I would recommend 3-4 years old. Find the perfect dog through PetSmart Charities.

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