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I have a three month old lab and a three month old terrier mix. They are kennel ...


I have a three month old lab and a three month old terrier mix. They are kennel trained inside dogs. On occasion they will have an accident in the kennel but for the most part wait to go outside for up to 10 hours during my work time. After I take them outside, they still use the bathroom in the house. The lab seems to be almost every half hour or so. How can I stop this behavior? Thanks for any advice, this is very frustrating!!

It sounds like you are going outside with them, but if you aren't make sure that you do so you know he's eliminated outside. Reward for pottying outside. As for going every 30 minutes... I'm assuming the lab is urinating, not defecating. If he is drinking frequently because he is playing or something, then I'm not surprised that he may need to eliminate that often. If he's not drinking all the time or if you think it's excessive, I'd take him to the vet and mention your problem in case it's a bladder infection or something like that. Until then, since you know he frequently needs to potty, I'd set an alarm and take him out every 30 minutes so he isn't practicing eliminating in the house. As he gets older and more reliable you could start taking him out every 45 minutes, then every hour, etc.