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I have a two year old Pom mix that we adopted about six months ago. We walk him...


I have a two year old Pom mix that we adopted about six months ago. We walk him 3 times a day once in the morning evening and night. He potties all three times. We do cage him and he has learned that he can pee in his cage without it getting in the cage. We now put paper towels along the side of the cage. He is a sweet dog some bad behaviors but nothing training classes wont fix. Our main problem is he pees all over the house. He will be good for a couple of days and then he will pee on our bed, sofa. Prime example is my fiance was going to walk him in the morning and he pooped as the leach was going on. He then proceeded to run away pee on all the stairs jump and pee on the bed and then hid and pee under another bed. I adore this dog but I really don't know how to better train him anymore. We take him out for at lease 15 mins and he does urinate and deficate. I also try not to give him water to much. He get water in the morning and evening with dinner.

I can imagine how frustrating this must be! As for peeing in the kennel... I'm guessing you have a wire crate? If so, you could switch to a plastic crate and that would probably stop him. However, if he has to urinate during the day it may be that he's in the kennel too long (over 9 or so hours - most adult dogs can last the whole workday) or he's not completely empty when he goes in. Make sure he empties his bladder right before you leave him for the day. He probably needs more than 3 potty walks during the day.
Regarding the other peeing and pooping... it sounds a little like nerves (especially the situation where he is peeing while running away) or maybe excitement. Either way, I'd be as boring as possible when interacting with him if you think he needs to potty. Additionally, I'd watch him like a hawk and make sure he doesn't have access to the bed/sofa/etc when you aren't around. Ideally you want him to be rewarded (probably with treats) for pottying outside and not allow him the chance to practice the bad behavior (pottying inside). A trip to the vet might be in order too... it's a bit unusual to be peeing the whole way up the stairs, on the bed, and under the bed. All the training and management in the world won't help if it's a medical problem. Good luck!