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I have a year old Lab and he loves to chew on everything, also when I lay down t...


I have a year old Lab and he loves to chew on everything, also when I lay down to go to sleep he keeps jumping all over me. Is there anything I can do to stop this?

Young dogs can be quite enthusiastic. I'd work on teaching him to sit or lie down with you in all sorts of positions. So if he knows how to sit if you're standing up when you tell him, then practice with you sitting, reclining, lying down on the couch/floor/bed/etc, until he can do it any time. Once he can, you'll easily be able to stop him by cueing him to sit when he starts to jump on you. As for the chewing, make sure he's got plenty of chew toys and rotate them (so they stay "new" and exciting to him). Praise him when he chews on his own things and interrupt him if he chews on something inappropriate. Also try to make sure that he doesn't have the chance to chew on the wrong things when you aren't around to stop him.

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