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I have one goldfish in a 2 gallon tank in my kitchen. I am wondering how long I...


I have one goldfish in a 2 gallon tank in my kitchen. I am wondering how long I should keep the light on in his tank each day. He seems much more active when his tank light is on, but the directions in my aquarium say to only have the light on when I'm looking at him. I usually turn the light on when I'm feeding him so he can see the food, but should I be leaving the light on at other times as well?

Aquarium lighting should be on for about 8-12 hours a day. Most fish will be more active during the day, and will rest on the bottom and sleep at night. There are some species that are nocturnal and hide during the day and come out to eat at night. Turn the lights on in the morning when you food the fish, and then off in the evening after feeding them again. Feed the fish as much food as they can consume in 3-5 minutes. Don't leave uneaten food in the aquarium, but be sure all fish, including bottom feeders such as catfish have a chance to eat.


23 Jan 2011 4:39 pm

BeavisMom62 said:

2 gals???? One gold fish needs at least 10 gal, preferably 20 gal for the first fish, 10 gal per fish thereafter. Goldfish are messy fish, making it hard to keep the water clean. You'll end up with high ammonia levels which are toxic to the fish. Also, goldfish can get quite large. A regular fancy goldfish can potentially reach 8" long and if properly taken care of can live for 10 years or more. (Comets can get 1-2 feet long and preferably need to be in a huge tank or pond). They'll never survive in 2 gal of water. You will end up with a fish whose internal organs are stunted. You need to have a cycled, filtered, aerated tank with fresh clean water for goldfish. Making sure to do water tests at least weekly as well as partial (I do 50%) water changes weekly, more often if your tests are abnormal.

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