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i have tropical fish,barbs and glo fish and a plecostomis, when i got my fish i ...


i have tropical fish,barbs and glo fish and a plecostomis, when i got my fish i noticed a snail also in the bag, now i am seeing baby snails and the eggs? i guess on the glass, how do i get rid of the snails before i'm overrun with them?

Unfortunately, snails often arrive in an aquarium with fish and plants.
While they can be an interesting part of keeping an aquarium, some species such as the Malaysian trumpet snail, ram's horn snail, and the pond snail can breed freely in the aquarium producing large numbers. Mystery snails do not breed readily, and that is why most aquarist like to keep them in their aquariums.

There are some remedies available that contain copper to remove snails from the aquarium. These are safe for fish, but can be harmful to live aquarium plants and invertebrates such as shrimp or crabs that may be in the aquarium.

Snails can be manually removed by hand, or by using a small container with some food in it to trap the snails in at night, and then remove them from the tank:
• Place a piece of zucchini, romaine lettuce, pelleted fish food or a vacation feeder inside a small plastic container with a 1" diameter hole cut through the lid.
• Place the container on its side in the aquarium so that the hole is near the gravel.
• The snails will crawl into the container to feed at night.
• In the morning, remove the container and the snails and place the snails you have collected in a plastic bag and seal and discard the bag in the trash can.
• Repeat nightly as needed.

Some fish will eat snails, and if appropriate for your aquarium, these can be added. Place a small oranda goldfish or a clown loach in a highly infested aquarium. The oranda or loach will eat the baby snails and egg cases.


23 Jan 2011 5:16 pm

BeavisMom62 said:

However you cannot put a goldfish in a tropical tank. Barbs will fin-nip and the plecos have been known to suck the slime coating off of goldfish. also, goldies are cold water fish and should not be kept in a heated tank with other tropical fish.

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