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I just adopted a cat from you about a week ago and the last few days she has had...


i just adopted a cat from you about a week ago and the last few days she has had green wet and hard mucous in the corner of her eyes. are there any drops i can use or anythign i can do for her?

eye irritations can be caused by many different things such as allergies, foreign material in the eyes, scratches to the eye’s surface, eye infections, etc. when only one eye is involved, it is often not allergies as allergies tend to affect both eyes equally. the sneezing may be a sign of allergies as well. many pet allergies are treated with over the counter antihistamines but you will need to contact your veterinarian for a safe and effective dose.

for foreign objects, scratches to the eye’s surface and infections, the eye is usually painful and your pet will likely be squinting or favoring the affected eye. these conditions can be very serious and it is important that medical help be contacted right away.

regardless of the cause, it is important that the eye be kept clean and clear of debris. discharge from the eye will often cause matting and irritation to the skin around the eye. warm water will often help loosen up the dried discharge and allow you to keep the eye clean. if the discharge continues to appear, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

- dr. robyn dvm, veterinary and pet care expert