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I just adopted a terrier mix. I leave him free in the house because he has alrea...


I just adopted a terrier mix. I leave him free in the house because he has already scratched up a dog gate and the door frame. I put out training pads but he still continues to defecate on the rug. He does not urinate in the house. How can I get him to defecate on the training pads or outside? He is 5. I take him out in the morning and then at night once I get home from work but he doesn't go on the grass.

If he always defecates on the rug, I'd take the rug away. Many dogs will find an absorbent area to potty on, so try to keep him on hard floors as much as possible. If taking the rug up temporarily is not an option, make sure you clean it well with an enzymatic cleaner that is made for pet stains. Sometimes the cleaner doesn't eat away the odors well and the dog can be attracted to go back there. You could also try feeding him in that area. Most dogs won't eliminate where they eat, so that might change his mind about what that area "is for". If he does defecate outside, make sure to praise/treat/reward him for that.