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I just bought a 14 week old Yorkie puppy from a breeder. I work 5 days a week an...


I just bought a 14 week old Yorkie puppy from a breeder. I work 5 days a week and live alone in an apartment. Any tips on how I can housebreak my puppy. I live upstairs. Should I try to train him to relieve himself on puppy pads since Winter is coming and it will be to cold and inconvenient to go outside every few hours when I'm home? Also I worry that if I train him to go on pads the he will NEVER learn to go outside.

It can be difficult to transition from pads to outside, but it sounds like an indoor potty option would be your best bet right now. There are articles on mypetsmart.com that explain how to potty train your puppy. If it says "take him outside", just take him to the pad instead. You'll still need to supervise, but it'll probably go a little faster than if you were training him to go outside. When you get ready to transition to outside you will either need to treat him as if he was not potty trained (crate him, supervise constantly and take him outside regularly) and take away the pads OR gradually move the pads towards where you want him to potty (outside).