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I just got a new kitten and just wondering what brand of litter the experts reco...


I just got a new kitten and just wondering what brand of litter the experts recommend?

Determining the right type of litter for your cat can sometimes be a challenging process. However, based upon the likes/dislikes of the pet parent and cat there are many great options to choose from. There are four main categories of litter all with different benefits and trade offs.

Non-clumping litter: This litter is the least expensive on a per lb. basis, has good odor control, but does not clump. It can also sometimes be dusty. Examples of this type of litter would be Fresh Step, Tidy Cat, and Exquisicat Clay.

Scoop litter: This is the most popular type of litter in the marketplace. It has excellent odor control and will form hard clumps that can be scooped out to keep the litter box fresh; however, it can also be dusty. Examples of this type of litter would be Tidy Cat, Fresh Step, A&H, and Exquisicat Scoop.

Specialty litter: This is very specialized litter that is manufactured so the litter granules have the right texture for the more sensitive paws of kittens and is infused with natural herb attractants that encourage litter box use. Although this may be the best option for you new cat, it would also be a more expensive option. An example of this would be Dr. Elsey’s Kitten Attract.

Natural litters: These litters are biodegradable, more sustainable, and will have less dust than clay non-clumping or scoop litters. They are usually made from pine, corn, wheat, or recycled paper. Odor control is very good, but can vary by brand and in some cases will not be as effective as other scoop litters. Some cats also may initially have an issue with the texture of the larger pellets found in some pine and paper litters if it isn’t transitioned well. Examples of these litters would be Worlds Best, Swheat Scoop, Feline Pine, or Yesterday’s News.

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