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i just got a Siberian husky, and i was wondering, when its summer time do i have...


i just got a Siberian husky, and i was wondering, when its summer time do i have to keep him inside, or what should i do to keep him cool?

While huskies have a thick hair coat, it is still possible to have them in warmer climates without significant restrictions. As with all dogs, there are some summer safety tips.
1. All pets should be acclimated to the heat slowly. If your pet is used to being indoors suddenly placing them outside in the heat may be difficult for them. When outside, monitor your pet to make sure they are tolerating the heat ok before leaving them unattended.
2. Target the cooler parts of the day for any activities such as walking, running or playing. Start any exercise program slowly and consult with your veterinarian if your pet has any health concerns. Always have water available during exercise. Do not exercise on hot pavement that can burn the pads of feet.
3. Keep your pet fit and at an appropriate weight. Excess weight is really hard on dogs (as with people!) during the heat of summer.
4. Keep your pet well groomed. While some people elect to shave their pets, I actually recommend regular grooming to remove the excess under coat. By leaving the outer coat, it helps protect the skin from damage from the sun and can actually keep pets cooler.
5. Always, Always, Always, provide access to water and shade. Outdoor fans will help keep pets cool as well.


23 Jan 2011 3:48 pm

BeavisMom62 said:

All dogs should live indoors with their family. Doesn't matter the breed of dog, weather or temperature. They should never be kept outside. Playtime in the yard is great but they should not be kept outside all of the time.

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