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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Ask An Expert > Answered Questions > I Just Noticed That My Halfmoon Betta Has A White Fuzzy Spo

I just noticed that my halfmoon betta has a white fuzzy spot at the edge of his ...


I just noticed that my halfmoon betta has a white fuzzy spot at the edge of his tail fin. I've had him since Sept '10. He is in a 10 gal tank, which is cycled, filtered and heated. I test my water and do 50% water changes weekly (Ph 7.4, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 5-10). I use Prime as my dechlor. I cannot figure out if this is columnaris or a type of fungus. There is no fuzz on the body, only on the edge of the tail fin. It almost looks like a fuzzy, white feather. Could this be fin rot? He has not had any injury to his fin that I know if. This fuzz was not present just last week when I did his water change, but I noticed it yesterday as I was changing his water. What could this be? What should I use to treat it? I used 1/2 tsp of aquarium salt per gal in his tank yesterday just until I can figure out what this is and what I should treat it with? I have Jungle Fungus cure, Kanaplex, Maroxyl and Maracyn 2 at home as well as tetracycine, FishZole (metronidazole), FishMox (amoxicillin), FishFlex (cephalexin) and erythromycin. Suggestions?

It sounds like you are taking good care of your aquarium, with regular water changes and using water conditioners. The Betta may have Columnaris, which is a bacterial infection. The Jungle Fungus Cure actually treats both bacteria and fungus, as many bacterial infections appear like fungus and so people mistakenly treat with a fungus medication - and this one treats both. If you don't see improvement with that, then try the Maracyn 2, which is an antibiotic. Follow the label directions for dosage. Check to be sure none of your other fish picking on the Betta.


24 Jan 2011 11:31 am

BeavisMom62 said:

Thank you. There are no other fish in the tank (it is a male betta, which would be a bad idea). I did have two african dwarf frogs in there, but I took them out in preparation of using medications in that tank. I forgot to mention that I did use the Fungus Clear in the tank at the same time that I used the salt, which is two days ago now. There is no change to his fuzzy "feather". He is no worse. He is eating ok. I used some garlic in his food last night, but he didn't appear to enjoy that. After the four days have passed, should I repeat the Fungus Clear or should I try the Maracyn 2 (after a water change, of course)? Continue salt? Increase the salt? He has such beautiful, lush and colorful fins, I would hate to see him lose them!

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