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I just received 3 turtles yesterday! Two are about the size of my hand and in a ...


I just received 3 turtles yesterday! Two are about the size of my hand and in a tank will some rocks and a bit of water. The other one is smaller and i was told to seperated it from the bigger 2 because they walk on eachother and might kill it? When I asked what to feed them i was intructed not to because they are in hibernation? Yet they keep acting weird and trying to get out of the tank. I dont have the light on for them. Can they even hibernate in water? Or should I feed them? I'm clueless

Very likely you have red eared sliders - do they have a read streak on the sides of their heads? They will hibernate outside in the wild, but if they are indoors in an aquarium, they will not hibernate. You need to feed them a floating pelleted water turtle food. The tank will need a reptile UV light bulb and fixture. You may also need a water heater to control the water temperature, and definitely need a water filter to keep the water clean. If the tank is large enough, the turtles can all be kept together. They do grow big, and you will need a large tank!


04 Jan 2011 10:41 am

julie45 said:

To determine how large of a tank to purchase, turtle expert David T. Kirkpatrick, author of "Aquatic Turtles" recommends a tank that can accommodate a water area that is 4-5 times longer than the turtle, 3-4 times wider and at least 1.5 times deeper than the turtles length, head to tail. Water turtles are divers and can become injured if the water is too shallow. If you plan to have more than one turtle in the same habitat, Kirkpatrick advises to increase the size of your tank by 25 percent per turtle.

Check out PetSmart's Turtle & Tortoise page for more information

03 Jan 2011 9:32 pm

mari_91809 said:

How much water do i have to have in their? can i give them green plants? like lettuce?

03 Jan 2011 9:26 pm

mari_91809 said:

Thank you so much!

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