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I recently bought a 15gallon fish tank and currently only have 2 goldfish and a ...


I recently bought a 15gallon fish tank and currently only have 2 goldfish and a plecostomus (I call it a sucker fish... haha) Anyways, I feed the 2 gold fish a pinch or two of fish flakes which is all they want and are content, However for the Pleco I bought algae discs. Here is the problem, I have a little Tree Hut decoration item in the tank where the fish can go in and the Pleco spends all day and night inside and im unable to feed him the disc, I use my fish net to scoot a disc inside the hut however the 2 goldfish swim up and pull it out and begin to eat it. Therefore he does not get fed. There is hardly any algae in the tank since it is new and well cleaned. What can I do to make sure my Pleco stays well fed? Without over feeding my goldfish?

Very good question, but you are on the right track for your solution. Plecostumus are algae eaters and will clean algae off the glass and plants in a tank, but if there is no algae, they can slowly starve. Feeding them the algae pellets is the correct solution.

Since your goldfish have hearty appetites, they will try to consume all of the food they can find. Feeding them twice daily as much flake food as then can consume in about 3 minutes is adequate for them.

Plecostumus are actually very active at night. So when you are turning out the lights in your aquarium (and the room lights so it is dark) put some algae pellets in the tank, and your pleco will find them during the night. If it is dark, the goldfish will rest and not actively search for food. Monitor your pleco's growth to be sure he is eating enough. You can also supplement the feedings with nori sheets (algae) available at PetSmart - both the goldfish and pleco will eat that, as well as slices of fresh zucchini.


23 Jan 2011 4:21 pm

BeavisMom62 said:

A 15 gal tank is entirely too small for your fish. You are going to end up with bad water quality and stunted fish. Plecos grow to be huge and should be kept in at least a 55 gal tank when they are small, but they eventually will need a bigger tank. Goldfish need at the very least 10 gal per fish, preferably 20 gal for the first fish and 10 gal for each additional fish.

I made the same mistake when I started. I had FOUR goldfish in a 15 gal tank and the pet store associates assured me that this was fine. Please do your research on any fish that you plan to keep so that you can provide the proper environment for them.

Also, plecos are tropical fish which need a heated tank, goldfish are coldwater fish who like the temperature around 70-75 degrees.

You can also feed frozen (defrosted of course) unsalted, peeled peas, romaine lettuce and cucumber as well.

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