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I recently got a 36 gal aquarium I want to know what I can put in it together I ...


I recently got a 36 gal aquarium I want to know what I can put in it together I want to know more about the combination of gourmi, ciclaid,anglefish,and balla shark

When adding fish to an aquarium, the fish need to be added a few at a time at the beginning. It takes about 4-6 weeks to develop enough beneficial bacteria in an aquarium to break down the fish wastes. New aquariums go through a cycling process where beneficial bacteria "bloom", making the water cloudy. The filtration system will ultimately trap the bacteria, and clear the water. The bacteria will continue to grow in the filter, turning it into a bio-filter. The beneficial bacteria are an important part of maintaining a healthy aquarium. Adding too many fish before the bacteria can build up can be harmful to the fish, and is known as "New Tank Syndrome". Be sure to test the water quality frequently. It is easy to do using a water test strips.
It is always best to quarantine any new fish before adding it to an existing aquarium. This can be done by using a small aquarium with a filter. The filter will not be biologically active if the aquarium is not running constantly, so it will really be for aeration, and you will need to do frequent water tests to check the ammonia level. Ammonia test strips are available at PetSmart. Also, PetSmart offers free water testing. Bring in a container of your aquarium water and the PetSmart associates will test it for you to see the levels of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, hardness and alkalinity in the water. You can also pick up free guides on fish diseases and on aquarium water quality. If the ammonia level is increasing, perform a partial water change to lower it. After a period of 2-4 weeks, if the new fish in the quarantine tank are active and eating with no signs of disease, then they can be introduced into your aquarium.

If there are problems with the water quality, water changes are the best option. To maintain a healthy environment for fish, you need to change 10% of the water every week in your aquarium, or at least 25% of the water every 4 weeks. Take out the old water and replace it with dechlorinated fresh water. Doing that will keep your water clean and your fish healthy. When doing the water change, you can use the gravel vacuum to remove fish waste in the aquarium gravel. Be sure the filtration is adequate for the size of the aquarium and the number of fish in it.

Gourmi are omnivores.This means they eat both plant and animal matter, including prepared foods, small live foods and certain vegetables. Male gourmi can be aggressive with each other so it is best to house only one male per tank.

Angelfish are shy and need plenty of cover areas like tall plants with slender leaves. They are generally peaceful with same-sized fish, but breeding angels may become aggressive. Also, they will eat fish small enough to fit in their mouths.

Bala sharks are omnivores.This means they eat both plant and animal matter, including prepared foods, small live foods and certain vegetables.While most fish tend to stay at a certain level of the aquarium, you will see your shark swimming at the bottom, middle and top of your tank.These fish are extremely peaceful (except for red-tailed sharks) and live best in a community aquarium with fish of the same disposition. Keep in mind that bala sharks are accomplished jumpers and a tight-fitting cover is a must.

Convict cichlids (Amatitlania nigrofasciata)are generally peaceful with fish of the same size and temperament, but may eat any fish small enough to fit into their mouths. They may also be territorial and aggressive to others of their species.

To find the perfect combination of fish for your tank, check out PetSmart's Fish Selector


20 Dec 2010 9:32 pm

kittykoo123 said:

i don't know about that. i would put fish together with the same family like goldfish with goldfish, betta with betta if you know what i mean

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