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In my 1.5 gallon tank, I have installed a Whisper filter system. I was thinking ...


In my 1.5 gallon tank, I have installed a Whisper filter system. I was thinking about getting a mystery snail, but I'm not sure if I can have one in a tank with a filter. Can I? What African Dwarf Frogs? Will they be sucked up? Will there be sufficient food for the snail? Please help!

It is possible to have a snail and/or an African dwarf frog in a 1.5 gallon tank with a filter. Just be careful not to overload the tank with fish or other creatures. A small tank like that is limited to only a few pets. It also requires regular water changes. We recommend a weekly water change of about 10% of the water. Also, regular rinsing of the filter pad in your Whisper filter to keep it free of debris.

Both snails and African dwarf frogs will eat flake and frozen fish food. You need to be sure there is some available to them on the bottom, but don't overfeed! Uneaten food pollutes the water and can kill your fish.

PetSmart offers free water testing, and you can also pick up free care guides on the pets you mentioned, and on setting up and maintaining an aquarium. These guides have more information on the water testing and water changes, and how to feed your pets.


23 Jan 2011 4:30 pm

BeavisMom62 said:

Mystery snails generally need more like 2 gal or more per snail. ADF's require about 2.5 gal per frog. Both are rather messy and also need room to move, even the snail. I wouldn't keep any aquatic creature in a tank that small. If you want a small tank, I wouldn't get anything smaller than a 5 gal, which can be properly heated, filtered and cycled. If you are worried about any creatures being sucked up in the fitler, you can cover the intake with either a mesh filter bag, or what I do is to take a filter sponge, slice a hole in the middle and fit it over the intake. Snails require vegetation, such as zucchini, kale, romaine, cucumbers, sliced carrots and algae wafers as well as supplemental calcium for their shells. ADF's need protein. I feed mine frozen (NOT freeze dried as it causes bloat) blood worms, occasional frozen brine shrimp and Frog and Tadpole bites. Fish flakes and pellets do not meet their nutritional needs.

If you insist on using the 1.5 gal tank, you could get some ghost or cherry shrimp or nerite snails. But it really is too small for any fish or frogs. Just make sure to do frequent water tests and water changes. It is difficult to keep such a small amount of water clean. A larger tank more effectively dilutes any toxins in the water making it easier to keep healthy fish.

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