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Is vomiting daily normal for a cat. When he eats dry cat food he vomits. Should ...


Is vomiting daily normal for a cat. When he eats dry cat food he vomits. Should i be concerned?

Vomiting in cats can be from many different causes and small amounts can even be normal. However, vomiting after every meal certainly seems excessive. I would recommend having your pet evaluated by your veterinarian to ensure that there are not any underlying medical conditions that are causing your cat to vomit and not gain weight.
Hairballs are one of the more common causes and while hair may not be evident in the vomit it may cause your cat to vomit. I would recommend treating your cat for hairballs to see if this improves the situation. The sensitive stomach foods may also help control vomiting so if your cat likes the formula you may try a dry sensitive stomach food as well. Cats can eat too much which leads to vomiting as well so small frequent meals may be a better option for your cat.

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