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Just got a new kitten, and my daschund wants to snap at her! What do I do??


just got a new kitten, and my dachshund wants to snap at her! what do i do??

the reactions of an existing pet to a new pet are highly variable. some pets will hide from the new addition, others will want to play and some may try to dominate the new addition. each of these reactions can be normal during the initial introductions.
all introductions should be gradual and supervised. until you are comfortable that the pets will get along, it is best to keep the newer addition confined (in a puppy proofed area or crate) when you are not available to monitor your pets interaction. it is important that your original pet continue with as much of their normal routine as possible. for example, if you walk with your pet every night, this should continue. if your pet is confined to a specific area of the house when you are away, this too should remain consistent. be sure your original pet is still receiving the attention they are used to.
when introducing the pets, it may be helpful to have control over the pets such as with a leash. allow the pets to sniff each other but if you notice any sign of aggression by either pet, immediately separate them. you will want to avoid comforting an upset pet that is being aggressive by petting them as they may perceive this as a reward for the inappropriate behavior. if aggressive behavior continues after multiple attempts at introducing the pets, you may want to seek additional help from a pet trainer.

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