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My cat has healthy appetite, loves to play, be held, and petted. Problem is he...


My cat has healthy appetite, loves to play, be held, and petted. Problem is he is skinny and looks emaciated for how much food he eats. He is really skinny and bony. We bought him from bad breeder and call him dork since he is a little goofy. Some think he is cross-eyed; I love him and he can see just fine since he keeps our home clear of mice. He has always been like this and it does not seem to be a problem. Others keep telling us there is something wrong. Should we be worried?

I would recommend consulting with your veterinarian.


23 Jan 2011 3:39 pm

BeavisMom62 said:

I second this recommendation. If your cat is really eating mice, he could be picking up a disease or parasite or worms from the mice. If he isn't gaining weight, my guess would be internal worms or parasites. Does he have fleas? Sometimes tapeworms from fleas will cause weight loss as will round worms, which are very common in kittens and puppies. There are many other types of worms and parasites which your vet can check for by doing a fecal test.

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