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My cat has recently started to wake me up every morning, incessantly meowing. I...


My cat has recently started to wake me up every morning, incessantly meowing. It used to start around 6:00 am, but now it's gotten earlier and earlier. He's generally fine throughout the day (give or take a few minutes of meowing by the front door), but it's usually late at night he starts meowing. I've tried to pet him, feed him, give him fresh water, open a window, and nothing helps. What could be the reason he keeps meowing like that, and what can I do to make it stop?

Excessive vocalizing could be a sign of stress. Has there been any recent changes in your life?
In many situations, spending more time with her while gently grooming and speaking softly to her can be wonderfully calming. If an environmental change is the trigger, try to slowly get your cat used to the new situation.
If your cat's stress doesn't seem to diminish within a few days, have a talk with your vet about other ways of treating her, which in some cases may even include anti-anxiety medications.

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