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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Ask An Expert > Answered Questions > My Dog Has Started Wetting Our Bed She Is A 4 Month Old Pit

My dog has started wetting our bed. She is a 4 month old pit bull. After we ha...


My dog has started wetting our bed. She is a 4 month old pit bull. After we had her for 2 weeks, we got another puppy, a pug. They are 3 weeks apart. She is almost potty trained, rarely has an accident, so why is she peeing in the bed? She does pee when she gets excited and sees people or gets nervous. She pees in the bed while we are sleeping in it and only pees on my boyfriends side.

Well it sounds like they are both young enough that they can't be considered reliable in the housetraining department. It's great that they are doing well, but they are still very young. There could be a number of reasons why she's peeing in the bed. I'm assuming she is not lying in it? The best way to solve the problem is to not let her sleep on the bed until she is older. Crate training is really useful for housetraining and keeping your dog safe. If she's in her kennel, she probably won't pee because it's small and she won't want to lay in it. She's old enough to hold her bladder all night long, but if she can't for some reason, then you'll need to take her outside during the night until she's able to last all night long.


16 Jan 2011 9:08 am

kyrasmygsd said:

Bummer that she doesn't mind lying in it! Couple more suggestions... The general rule of thumb for how long a puppy can "hold it" during the day, in a small crate, with nothing absorbent, is [their age in months]. So, if she is 4 months old, theoretically, she can only hold it 4 hours. Since you are gone 8 hours, you'll need to leave a potty option (i.e. potty pad, indoor "potty park", litterbox, etc) for her to use. She should be in a small-ish area that allows her room to sleep and hang out and then have the potty area at the back. A big crate or a small room (laundry, tiny bath) should work. Hopefully she hasn't lost all her desire to be clean, and given the chance, hopefully she will choose to lie somewhere other than where she potties. If you use a potty pad and she's tearing it up, there are frames to put it in that might help. For overnight, since you know she can't last all night long and she apparently won't wake you when she needs to go, you'll need to be proactive. You will probably want to set an alarm and take her out and/or maybe not give her water after a certain time (check with your vet about that). I know this is a lot of work now, but it will pay off in the future to have a housebroken adult dog. Also, PetSmart offers potty training classes to help you and in January they are holding FREE New Dog Orientation seminars every Saturday where they cover potty training. Might be worth it to attend and then the instructor would be there to answer questions. Best wishes to you!

13 Jan 2011 10:22 pm

LindseyKay85 said:

Ya she actually does pee and lay in it and we do crate her for 8 hours at a time when we both work and she does pee in her crate. Thanks for the advice though.

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