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Crate training an older, anxious dog


my dog is 10 yrs old.can i train her to a crate? She is having panic attacks when left alone for 1-2 hours.

You can crate train an older dog. However, I would be more concerned with why she is now having panic attacks. I'm assuming something in your routine/schedule/living environment changed? I'd take her in to the vet for a check-up as well, if this is a new behavior. Sudden changes in behavior always warrant a trip to the vet. Additionally, she may feel safe in a crate once she's acclimated to it, but there's a chance that the confinement would increase her anxiety. Once you get her comfortable with the crate when you are present, you ought to set up a video camera to observe her when you're gone. You don't want to add to her anxiety. Good luck and don't hesitate to contact a behaviorist for help.

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