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My dog is 16 weeks old and he follows me around everywhere. He never leaves my s...


My dog is 16 weeks old and he follows me around everywhere. He never leaves my side. I live in a one bedroom apartment and i'm not sure he has anxiety or what but I was wondering if all dogs do this when they are a puppy or this is not normal behavior?

He might be bored and you are the only source of entertainment or he might be nervous. It's not abnormal for puppies to hang out with you, but he should venture off to explore as well. When he's sleeping if you leave the room does he wake up and follow you? If so, I might worry more that it's anxiety. Just in case, I'd encourage bravery and praise him whenever he's playing away from you or hanging out by himself. If you are home all the time, you'll need to work extra hard to make sure that he learns to adjust to being alone. We wouldn't want him developing separation anxiety. You can start by crating him in a different room from you and giving him a great chewbone or stuffed Kong. Start small and work up to longer amounts of time.

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