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My husband and I just recently moved to a new state, and a completely new enviro...


My husband and I just recently moved to a new state, and a completely new environment. It's just me and him as opposed to being close to my family. I believe that my dog is taking it pretty hard. He's taken to pooping on the floor, same rug, same general area, whenever we leave, or do something he doesn't like. I've tried catching him in the act and scolding him, I've tried showing him what he did and scolding him. He continues to poop. I'm at my wits end and it's starting to cause tension in the house. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Changes in routine can definitely impact our pets. Since he tends to go in the same general area, I'd make that area unavailable to him, if possible. If that's not possible, at least take up the rug as most dogs will choose an absorbent surface to eliminate on. If you are leaving his food out all day, I'd put it on a schedule so you'll know when he needs to eliminate. You can even feed him in the place where he's havig the inappropriate eliminations. Most dogs won't eliminate where they eat so that will sometimes change the dog's mind about an area from "bathroom" to "dining room"! Take him outside and go with him. When he poops outside, reward with praise and a treat. If at all possible, eliminate scolding him since it's not working and will increase his anxiety. Good luck and be patient with him.