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my puppy is 12 weeks old. She potties on the floor of her pen and jumps around ...


my puppy is 12 weeks old. She potties on the floor of her pen and jumps around in it. she spends more time trying to get out of the kennel at night and pays no attention to going to potty, so she just tramples in it and smears it everywhere. I get up and take her out every time she cries (3-5 times a night and she will urinate and defecate, but then will do it in the cage when I leave her and go back to bed.

From the information you've given, I'd say that much of her inappropriate elimination is due to anxiety about being kenneled. 3-5 trips per night outside seems excessive, even for a puppy. I'd take her to the vet for a check-up to make sure it's not a medical problem. If she is defecating in the house X number of times, PLUS 3-5 more times outside, I'd consider a food change as well. When you set her up in the pen, make sure that the potty option is at the very back. If it's in the way when she gets excited to see you or while playing, she can easily make a mess. Some sort of raised platform or something with sides (like a litterbox) might make it easier for her to not accidentally run through it. Keeping her near you at night may help reduce her anxiety as well. If these suggestions don't help, feel free to go in to your local PetSmart and speak with a trainer. They offer potty training seminars and the trainer will be able to ask you more questions to get a better feel for what's going on. Good luck!