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ok my question is what brands of food out there do not contain corn and chicken ...


ok my question is what brands of food out there do not contain corn and chicken byproduct besides blue buffalo. im looking for a healthier lifestyle for my 2 dobermans. one is 1 yr old and the other is 5.5 yrs old. both males. i also have a jack russle. im tired of the corn meal products which make my dog itch all the time. i switched to blue for a month now and have see a drastic difference plus energy boost. but its rather on the expensive side at 50 dollars a bag that only lasts 2 weeks.(yes i feed the proper amount, and have a measuring scoop) any suggestions or knowledge you can hand down?

Wellness, Nutro and Nature's Recipe are the other products available without those ingredients. Nutro has a variety of different products across their brands (Nutro Max, Nutro Natural Choice & Nutro Ultra)that may fit your budget.

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