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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Ask An Expert > Answered Questions > Ok Well I Got A 29 Gallon Fish Tank For X Mas And I Was Won

ok well i got a 29 gallon fish tank for x-mas and i was wondering what is the be...


ok well i got a 29 gallon fish tank for x-mas and i was wondering what is the best filter and heater that i should get for the tank? and also if i wanted to keep live plants in there what kind of substrate should i use? thanks- zack.c

Proper filtration is critical to keeping happy, healthy fish. A complete filtration system should neutralize ammonia and nitrites, and remove floating debris and contamination from the water. There are three basic filtration methods: Mechanical, biological and chemical. Each is important, and your filtration system should incorporate all three.

The following common filtration systems employ each of the three methods:

-Undergravel Filters – A slotted plate under the gravel bed is used to provide continuous circulation of the aquarium water.
-Power Filters – The most commonly used filtration systems in tanks up to 55 gallons, power filters can be used along with undergravel filters to increase biological filtration (and thus the number of fish you can keep in the tank).
-External Power Filters – An external power filter hangs on the back of your aquarium, draws water from the tank and pumps it through a replaceable filter cartridge.
-Canister Filters – Canister filtration is most typically used on 55-gallon aquariums and larger and is a very effective means of providing a total filtration system.

Live Plants
Live plants can help make a beautiful, natural aquarium. Live plants also can improve the water chemistry as they absorb nitrates and carbon dioxide. Live plants require the proper lighting to thrive. You should be careful using live plants with certain plant eating species of fish who might view the plants as their dinner. As for substrate, you may wish to try porous clay gravel substrate. It will not alter the pH of aquarium water.

Here is a checklist of supplies needed for a 29 Gallon Tank:
Aquarium with Hood & Lights
10-30 lbs. Gravel
Power Filter
50-100 Watt Heater
Water Dechlorinator
Amonia Remover
Biological Filter Starter
Plants & Décor