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We have 2 Abyssinian cats. The male is almost 3, the female almost 2. We bought ...


We have 2 Abyssinian cats. The male is almost 3, the female almost 2. We bought them from different breeders, and got the female when the male was around 6mths old because we felt he would benefit from a companion during the day. We successfully introduced the female into the home and despite the typical territorial issues you get when bringing 2 cats together, they have got on really well and are good friends. They are both spayed/neutered. In the last couple of weeks the male has become aggressive to the female. She has always been submissive to him anyway, which you would expect. But he is purposefully seeking to physically hassle her, hunt her and even cause her to hiss at him. There have been a number of physical altercations which have been upsetting for all parties (us parents included). We can think of nothing that could have provoked this. We have 2 litter boxes, they have separate and joint snacking/water bowls, plenty of space during the day where they can play or be quiet to themselves. It's at the stage now that when the female would like to play hunt or bother the male he is instantly aggressive back (instead of the usual play fight back or running away) and when the male enters the room the female very quickly runs out to hide. Do you have any ideas as to how we can stop this aggression, and what may have caused it. We are at a loss. Thanks so much!

Sudden aggression can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition so you may wish to have your veterinarian examine your cat. The issue could also be stress related. You may wish to keep your cats separate for awhile and then gradually reintroduce them.