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We have a golden retriever whose breath is overpoweringly bad due to buildup on ...


We have a golden retriever whose breath is overpoweringly bad due to buildup on his teeth and eating cow poop. We have had his teeth cleaned by a veterinarian before and really don't want to have him put under anesthesia again. I purchased the large mint flavored cleaning bones from PetSmart (can't remember the exact brand) but they didn't work that well. I think primarily because he didn't have to chew it much before he had it eaten. I saw a program on TV that indicated you could purchase dog food from a vet (pretty pricey) that would help to clean the teeth. What would you recommend?

Eating stool of any kind is a constant issue making the pet's breath smell bad and will continue to make the breath smell bad each time the pet eats it. The trick here is to keep him away from the cow stool. There are several products available to help prevent dogs from eating feces but there is no research about whether or not the products would work specifically with cow poop.
As for the teeth, if there is a lot of tartar buildup or bad teeth, a dental cleaning by the vet is likely the only thing that will help this although there are treats, mints and toys that can help.