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We have a house full of rescue fur-babies and we love them all. Everyone is hea...


We have a house full of rescue fur-babies and we love them all. Everyone is healthy and happy, but we did have a major blip last March. One of our young males developed a urinary blockage and while we caught it in time and got him the emergency care he needed, we are left worried about his - and everyone else's - diet. We feed everyone Friskies Special Diet for Urinary Tract Health wet food at least once a day. Everyone gets 1/2 can as a serving (although some graze and get more than others). We have a running fountain for water, which we filter as we fill the tank and then the fountain also has a filter on it. We were feeding Friskies Special Diet for Urinary Tract Health dry food through the day, but it has been discontinued. So we are left wondering which dry food is best as the supplemental food. I have been researching the different ones and understand that animal protein is best with no corn or soy or wheat and today I purchased Blue Buffalo Healthy Living Adult Salmon kibbles... now I am not sure it was the best choice. When Giz was ill and recovering, we used Royal Canin, but the price is prohibitive when feeding a pounce of cats the same food. Is the food I purchased good to go, or should I go with another brand? Please help..... I cannot get in touch with my vet until Monday. Thanks!

When looking for food, look for something that states it is Urinary Health Track Formula. This means that the product has been reviewed FDA. Here are some products that are available:
-Purina ONE Urinary Tract Health Formula Dry Cat Food
-Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health Formula Adult Cat Food
-9Lives Plus Care® Cat Food