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we have been house training our puppy on puppy pads & during the day we take him...


we have been house training our puppy on puppy pads & during the day we take him outside to go but he does not always go outside instead he goes on his pads. Should we stop using the pads & start to crate train him? If we do crate train him should we set an alarm to take him outside? He is 16 weeks old.

Great questions. Personally I would crate train and take away the potty pads. At 4 months of age, most puppies can hold their bladder 4-5 hours during the day, in an appropriately sized crate with nothing absorbent in there. If he's out running around, you'll need to take him out more frequently. If you take him outside and he doesn't potty, just take him back in and put him in the kennel (so he doesn't have an accident) and try again in 10-15 minutes. You can reward with food when he potties outside to speed up the process. He should be able to last all night (7-8 hours), but if after a night or two you find he cannot, then set an alarm.

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