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We recently adopted a 2 year old beagle. He was extremely neglected. He suffer...


We recently adopted a 2 year old beagle. He was extremely neglected. He suffers from horrible seperation anxiety. When we leave the apartment, he barks like crazy and will not stop until we return. We have tried a muzzle, he is afraid of his kennel and won't go in that, we tried bark-off, and even an anti-bark collar. What are any suggestions you may have for me? Thank you for your time!

Separation anxiety is a tough problem and can be quite frustrating. I would strongly suggest consulting with a veterinary behaviorist (who will probably prescribe a combination of medication and behavior modification) regarding this. I would also suggest eliminating any punishment for the barking that occurs as a result of separation anxiety. Punishment can really raise a dog's stress level and can increase your dog's anxiety problem, rather than solve it. There are some good books on how to deal with separation anxiety, but if the dog is too anxious to learn that "it's ok to be alone", medication is often used in the beginning of a behavior modification problem to help take the edge off and allow the dog to relax enough to learn. Good luck and be patient with him!