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Well i have 22 fishes and well rite now i just noticed that 3 fishes have some n...


Well i have 22 fishes and well rite now i just noticed that 3 fishes have some nasty white dots on them they say its ick but i dont know....i have an Ammonia Remover medicine from petsmart...the brand is top fin my question is are they overcrowded or what? Can i add the ammonia remover along with the fishe inside the tank? And the gallon size is 55 gallons So pleace help as soon as posible...thanks

The general rule is one inch of adult fish size per gallon of water.
It sounds like your fish have Protozoa (Skin Parasites). Quarantine any fish that show signs of the disease. Treat water with Formalin, Malachite Green, Acriflavine or copper sulfate.

Test water quality frequently; conduct periodic water changes; ensure good aeration and filtration of the aquarium water.


23 Jan 2011 4:00 pm

BeavisMom62 said:

Depending on the type of fish you have, the 1" per gal rule does not always apply. Otherwise you would be able to keep a 10" Oscar in a 10 gal tank! Do you have ammonia in your water? ARe you testing it? If so, keep doing partial water changes until your ammonia level is 0. You should not need to use ammonia remover or any chemicals in your tank if it is cared for appropriately. Do you test your water and do partial water changes weekly? Are you using a dechlorinator in the new water? ALso, some fish are very sensitive to copper, so I prefer to stay away from things containing copper. Rid-Ich and Quick-Cure (use 1/2 doses for the QC) are great for ich. Also you can research using salt and raise the temperature in the tank as a more natural ich treatment.

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