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Tips to Cut Down Shedding


What are a tips to help cut down on shedding?

A good grooming routine will help keep your house a lot cleaner year-round and make Fido or Milo look and feel better too.

First step: Get rid of that dead hair and undercoat fur. A good brush out with a brush designed for your pet’s coat will help to remove this before it hits your furniture. Ask a pet professional to recommend the right tool for your pet’s coat. I highly recommend you also check out a remarkable new tool called the Furminator. These tools are easy to use and are very effective at removing dead hair from all kinds of coats.

Second step: Shampoo. Do this after you brush the coat out because mats or tangles will only get worse after bathing and drying. Bathe your pet before you clean the bathroom because bathing a dog or cat involves a lot of flying wet, dirty hair!

Use a shampoo designed for dogs and cats and be sure to rinse the coat well to prevent irritation and or dry skin. A good tip to follow is “squeaky clean”. If the coat is clean and well rinsed the hair will “squeak” when you run it between your fingers. If Fido is really dirty, don’t forget to “rinse and repeat.” Shampooing twice will ensure the coat is clean right down to the skin.

Although you can do it at home, it’s worth noting here the value of a professional bath and brush. Not only will you enjoy the results that a PetStylist can achieve by using professional products, equipment and techniques, a professional groom also includes important steps like cleaning the ears, nail clipping and trimming the hair from the pads of the feet will cut down on the dirt being tracked into the house. The other big bonus is that they will deal with all that dead hair, wet dog and grooming mess for you, keeping your bathroom nice and clean.

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