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what do shih tzu eat


what do shih tzu eat

Shih Tzu don't need to eat a lot to maintain their proper weight, but what they do eat should be nutritious and of the highest quality. Feeding twice a day is recommended because your Shih Tzu's small stomach can better handle two small meals a day than one large one.
Use the PetSmart Food Center to find the food perfect for you shih tzu.


03 Nov 2010 10:37 am

julie45 said:

I recommend finding a high quality, premium dog food that your pet enjoys and sticking with it. I would avoid feeding excessive treats or different types of food as your dog may learn that if she holds out long enough, she will get something better. While they may skip a meal or two, dogs will generally eat their regular food if they do not get offered something else. The consistency of a regular diet is best for their digestion. Keep in mind that even a small number of treats or a small amount of human food can be enough to allow a pet not to want their regular food. If you continue to offer your dog her food and she does not eat it, I would recommend contacting your veterinarian to ensure that there is not an underlying health issue.

02 Nov 2010 9:10 pm

wanda1985 said:

I can't get her to eat dogfood.How can I get her to eat dogfood?

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