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When my Poodle (11 Months old) goes out, she will eat her own waste. Can you tel...


When my Poodle (11 Months old) goes out, she will eat her own waste. Can you tell me what I can do to eliminate this problem. Her breath is aweful

Believe it or not, dogs eating their own stool is actually quite common. Although, it is not usually a sign of illness, it is not healthy for the dog and can lead to transmission of disease, digestive problems and as you mentioned, bad breath! To get your pet to quit this bad habit, it will likely take a combination of both physical deterrents as well as some good training. As a physical deterrent, I recommend a product called For-bid (sold by most veterinarians) that when added to the pet's diet, will make the stool have a bitter flavor that most pets do not like. In addition, I highly recommend that the pet's stool be picked up as soon after defecation as possible to minimize exposure to the pet. When walking your pet, it is best during training to have them on a leash where you can better control what they may want to get in to! If they attempt to eat their stool or another dog's stool, which is also quite common, a verbal command of "Leave it" as well as firm control of the leash will help teach them that this is unacceptable.

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