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Why does my puppy bit everyone and everything


why does my puppy bit everyone and everything

according to our experts:puppies chew for many reasons a few of the reasons. they explore their world by putting things in their mouths; they also chew due to teething and to relieve boredom. although puppies receive most of their adult teeth around 6 months of age chewing can go on can last until a dog is a year old or more, so it is important to have realistic expectations to help you get through this stage. the goal of dealing with normal puppy chewing behavior is not to stop the puppy from chewing, but to teach him what you want him to chew on. this is best done by having a variety of chew toys with different textures to chew on. he may quickly become bored with just one type of chew toy so have different toys and rotating them usually works best. when all your puppies’ toys are available they often lose their appeal. some good chew toys include the kong or other toys designed to keep the puppies attention. there are different types of bones such as the booda bones which are made from cornstarch and easily digestible. making sure your puppy has plenty of appropriate exercise will also help alleviate using chewing to relieve boredom. if your puppy starts to chew on your clothing try not to make a big deal out of the situation. calmly take away from the puppy what he shouldn’t have and replace it with one of his toys or chewies. gently pet him while he is chewing on the toy to help reinforce the behavior. also it is recommended you enroll in a puppy training class. this will help socialize your puppy and provide useful techniques to start your puppy off with the right behaviors. you can contact your local petsmart for more details.
- jeff schultz, pet training expert