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Yes I have a Fluval 305 & we have 2 sets of breeding Angel fish. Could we put in...


Yes I have a Fluval 305 & we have 2 sets of breeding Angel fish. Could we put in a bottom filter and draw the water from one of the bottom tubes discharge from our normal discharge & use a power airator for the bottom tube ? Since this would prevent sucking up the pre swimmers or babies. Is this doable ?

Congratulations on your breeding angelfish. You can use an under gravel filter plate beneath the gravel, and connect it to your power filter intake hose so that the water flows through the gravel and up the lift tube, then out into your Fluval canister filter. Have the discharge from the Fluval com back into the tank with a spray bar across the surface so it doesn't agitate the water too much for the baby fish, but provides adequate aeration. You may need to experiment with adaptors to connect the uplift tube to the Fluval tube. Periodically you should still stir the gravel in the aquarium and use a gravel vacuum to prevent accumulation of detritus in the gravel or under the filter plate.