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Instruction Guide
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on your purchase of a
Nylon Collar
This kit includes:
Battery Compartment Fill Port Spray Valve Keeper
(comes attached to collar)
This revolutionary product allows you to combine patented Spraylogik technology with proven behavior modification techniques. By purchasing this product, you are well on your way to gaining control over your dog’s problem barking.
The Gentle Spray Citronella Anti-Bark Collar has been clinically proven to be 88% effective at stopping or reducing barking. The burst of citronella spray acts on four of your dog’s five senses – it hears it, sees it, feels it and smells it. This training process occurs instantaneously and without pain. Ready for your dog to become a quiet family member? Let’s get started.
Quick-Snap Buckle Microphone ON/OFF Switch
Spray device with ON/OFF switch 24” adjustable nylon collar, Quick-snap buckle and Keeper Can of Premier branded stain-free, hypoallergenic citronella spray 6-volt battery Lifetime Warranty
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Preparing the collar
Attach the spray device to the strap
Pass the loose strap through the keeper. Failure to do so will increase the likelihood that the strap will slip causing a need to constantly adjust the fit. The assembled collar should look as shown. (figure 5)
Remove the keeper from the strap. (figure 1)
figure 5
Fill the spray reservoir with citronella
figure 1
Steady the device on a flat surface with the fill port facing up. Turn the spray can upside down and place the nozzle in the fill port. (figure 6) Using firm pressure, push down on the can and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat and hold for an additional 5 seconds to fully fill the reservoir. If spray is escaping as you attempt to fill, increase the downward pressure on the can to get a better seal. You cannot overfill the device. When figure 6 completely filled, there should be approximately 25 sprays in the reservoir.
Orient the device so that the fill port and spray valve are facing up and microphone is facing you. (figure 2)
figure 2
Grasp the strap in your right hand. Thread the strap from front to back through the ear on the right. Bring the strap around the backside and then thread it back to front through the ear on the left. Make sure not to cover the microphone with the strap. (figure 3) Put the keeper back on the strap. The curved edge of the keeper should face the inside.
Insert the battery into the spray device
To insert the battery, remove the battery door. Make sure the + on the battery lines up with the + in the battery compartment. (figure 7) Replace the battery door. The ON/OFF switch (figure 8) is located at the bottom of the device. If the battery is in and the device is ON, it’s ‘listening.’ To prolong battery life, make sure that you turn the device OFF when it’s not in use.
figure 7
figure 3
Now it’s time to attach the quick-snap buckle to the strap. Feed the free edge of the strap into the slot that is closest to the center, starting on the inside of the curve. Next, feed the free end through the slot on the edge of the buckle. (figure 4)
Test the spray device
Before every use, it’s best to test the spray action by turning it ON and blowing into the microphone.
figure 8
figure 4
Getting your dog acquainted with the collar
Be sure to read through the entire guide before putting the collar on your dog for the first time. It’s important to start any training process on a day when you have ample time to be with your dog so that you can focus on your dog’s response and reward good behavior.
away from the spray, or shake its head, or sneeze. Do not yell “NO” or say anything when your dog barks. When your dog stops barking, say, “good quiet.” When the stimulus that causes your dog to bark is present, but your dog is not barking, be sure to reward the desired behavior with verbal praise “good quiet” and a food reward.
Fit the collar to your dog
Remove all other collars. Place the collar and spray device around your dog’s neck with the microphone facing the dog’s throat and spray valve directed upward toward the dog’s muzzle. (figure 9) Adjust the collar to fit like a regular collar. You should be able to slip two fingers under the collar. figure 9 If the collar is too tight, the sound waves caused by your dog’s barking will not reach the microphone to trigger the spray. After you’re done fitting the collar, take it off your dog if you wish to cut off any excess strap length. Should you choose to cut the strap, be sure to heat seal the end with a safety match or cigarette lighter to prevent fraying. If your dog tries to take off the device, a harness can be used instead of the collar provided in the kit. Dog harnesses are available in all good pet shops. Caution Don’t leave your dog unattended wearing the training collar until it’s accustomed to the receiver device and you’ve determined that the collar is fitted properly and working correctly.
figure 10 If you say “good quiet” and give a treat, your dog will soon start to associate “good quiet” with not barking. After repeatedly pairing the quiet behavior with the words “good quiet,” you can expect your dog to stop barking with the verbal request for “quiet.”
It’s very important that you take the collar off and refill the spray reservoir with citronella before it runs dry. Otherwise you have taught your dog that if it’s persistent, it’ll be rewarded by getting rid of the spray. To avoid this, routinely refill the spray reservoir before every use. The reservoir will hold approximately 25 sprays.
Where the collar can be used
The collar can be used anywhere you find your dog’s prolonged nuisance barking to be a problem. The collar can be used indoors or out. The spray is organic and non-toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. We strongly recommend that your dog is given free time without the collar to play and relax. This collar should not be left on dogs 24 hours-a-day. Caution Don’t use this collar while your dog is swimming or exposed to prolonged water spray. The spray device is water resistant, but not waterproof, and may stop working if submerged in water. In addition, don't expose the spray device to either freezing temperatures or conditions warmer than 113° F. Be particularly careful not to leave the device in direct sunlight, by a window or in a car on a summer day.
Using the collar as a training tool
Put the collar on your dog making sure that the microphone is facing your dog’s neck. A good way to observe your dog’s response to the spray is to put your dog in a situation where it usually barks. When your dog barks, the device should spray. (figure 10) Your dog will probably act a bit surprised and stop barking. It may jump to get
8 1
Removing the collar
Detach the collar with the quick-snap release. Remember to turn the device OFF after every use to maximize battery life.
Always remove the battery and empty the reservoir when putting the spray device away for more than a week. Use a ballpoint pen to depress the fill port stem and release any remaining spray. This practice will prolong the operating life of the spray mechanism.
Purchasing spray refills and/or batteries
Replacement batteries, citronella and citronella-free ‘scentless’ spray refills are available for purchase. (figure 11) Check your local pet store or contact our customer service department at 888.640.8840 for more information.
Important information
This system is not a toy. Please read all the operating instructions carefully, fill the spray device only with recommended spray products, and always store the spray device away from children’s reach.
figure 11
Note Only Premier branded spray refills should be used to fill the spray reservoir.
Caution The spray device should only be used on healthy dogs. If your dog has anxiety-based behavior or health problems, we suggest that you consult a veterinarian before using this training system.
Enjoy your quiet dog
Your dog will quickly and painlessly learn that there is a consequence for barking. It should completely assimilate to the collar within a few days. The Gentle Spray Citronella Anti-Bark Collar is the most effective tool to stop problem barking. We’ve received countless letters and calls from veterinarians, trainers and dog owners about how the product has solved their dog’s barking problem and has dramatically improved the relationship with their dog.
If you have any questions about the proper use of your collar, please call 888.640.8840 and ask for a customer service representative or e-mail us at info@premier.com. We’re happy to help you. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.– 6:00 p.m. (ET).
We welcome your comments about the product. Feel free to e-mail us at info@premier.com.
10 1
The anti-bark device doesn’t spray when your dog barks.
Solution The spray reservoir is empty. Refill it with citronella.
Steady the device on a flat surface with the fill port facing up. Turn the spray can upside down and place the nozzle in the fill port. Using firm pressure, push down on the spray can and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat and hold for an additional 5 seconds to fully fill the reservoir. You don’t need to worry about overfilling. Once the pressure in the reservoir equals the pressure in the can, the gas will stop flowing. If spray is escaping while you’re attempting to fill the device, the reservoir is not filling. Increase the downward pressure on the refill can to insure a good seal. Escaping spray does not indicate a full reservoir.
The anti-bark device sprays when you blow into the microphone, but it won’t spray when your dog barks.
Solution Check the fit of the collar.
A strap that is fit too tightly will not allow the sound waves to be picked up by the microphone. A strap that is fit too loosely may be too far from your dog’s mouth to pick up the sound. Gravity should keep the spray device centered near your dog’s Adam’s apple.
Solution Prevent your dog’s long hair from blocking the microphone.
• Try tying a bandanna around your dog’s neck and then place the Gentle Spray Collar over it. • Clip the hair a bit shorter in the neck area. • Use hair bands to hold hair away from the microphone.
Solution Check the battery.
The most common reason a receiver device stops working is a dead battery. When the battery is in and the device is ON, it’s ‘listening’ whether on your dog or not. To extend battery life, be sure to turn OFF the device every time you remove the collar from your dog. Because the batteries are so small, it’s easy to put them in backwards. Make sure the + on the battery lines up with the + in the battery compartment. Occasionally newly purchased batteries may have weakened or actually expired while “on the shelf.” We recommend trying several different batteries before concluding the battery is not the problem.
The anti-bark device sprays when your dog is not barking.
Solution Remove all other collars when using the anti-bark device.
Jangling of dog tags, chains and buckles can sometimes cause the device to spray at inappropriate times.
Solution Check the fit of the collar.
The collar may be fit too loosely and is picking up other sounds.
The Gentle Spray Anti-Bark device is patent protected under U.S. Patent Nos. 4,627,385 & 5,046,453 and marketed under license from Multi-Vet Ltd. Gentle Spray and Gentle Leader are registered trademarks of Premier Pet Products, LLC.
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Midlothian, VA 888.640.8840 / premier.com
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