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Maine Coon

Short title: 
maine coon

Quick Look

Affectionateness: Moderate

Compatibility with children: High

Compatibility with other pets: High

Grooming: High

The Maine Coon is a hardy and stoic cat. He is serious, dignified, and pensive, but this doesn't mean that he's not loving or caring. In fact, he is extremely affectionate, but his affection is reserved for a select few - his family. The Maine Coon is naturally intelligent and can seem to sense his owner's mood.

Oriental (Shorthair Variety)

Short title: 
oriental (shorthair variety)
Orientals are active, talkative and extremely intelligent. They thrive on spending time with their owners and become very dependent on them. They are also playful and mischievous and can make just about anything into a game, including chasing a computer cursor or batting around a pen their owner is trying to use. They can be taught to answer to their name, but this doesn't mean that they will always come when called! Orientals like to keep busy with bouts of running, jumping and climbing.

Cornish Rex

Short title: 
cornish rex
Cornish Rex are probably one of the friendliest breeds of cat. They are playful and active and will often clown around, much to the amusement of their owners. They are intelligent and can be taught to walk on a harness, and some may even figure out how to open doors by turning the doorknob. They are high energy and need daily play.

Egyptian Mau

Short title: 
egyptian mau
Egyptian Maus are loving, affectionate cats who strongly bond to one or two people in the family. They are very intelligent, which makes them easy to train, and they will even learn tricks on their own for your amusement. Loyal and gentle, Maus love to play and cuddle.

Exotic (Exotic Shorthair)

Short title: 
exotic (exotic shorthair)
Exotics are exquisitely sweet-faced and serene felines. They are usually very playful, even into old age. They are inquisitive, jovial and intelligent and can be taught tricks like fetch or down. Loyal and affectionate, they love to be groomed, petted, hugged and snuggled. Exotics tend to be sensitive to their owners, offering comfort and closeness when they sense that their owner is upset.


Short title: 
Birmans are extremely sociable and trusting. Gentle, quiet, loving, companionable and loyal, they have a gracious demeanor and love being with people. Birmans are also described as mellow, friendly and moderately active. In fact, moderate is a word often used to describe Birmans - they're playful but not rambunctious; active but not mischievous; desirous of attention but not demanding; social but not the center of attention.

British Shorthair

Short title: 
british shorthair

Similar in looks to the American Shorthair; medium- to large-sized, compact, well-balanced body; round head.

The British Shorthair is a charming cat. Smart and gentle, he has a steady temperament. At times quiet and loving and at others aloof and playful, he is also independent minded and intelligent. He can learn tricks easily, and his laid-back nature makes him a great companion. He is slow to mature, usually not reaching full maturity until after three years of age.


Short title: 
The Chartreux is a quiet, amiable and sweet-natured breed. Playful yet placid in nature, they are happy, hardy cats who enjoy human companionship. Their kind, stable temperaments make them excellent family companions. They tend to bond strongly with one member of the household and will follow that person around but will be affectionate with the rest of the family as well.

American Wirehair

Short title: 
american wirehair
The American Wirehair is a sweet-tempered, gentle breed. They are intelligent and curious and playful without being high-strung. American Wirehairs like to be the center of attention and enjoy playing with all types of toys. They make loving, affectionate and loyal companions.


Short title: 
Abys, as they are known, are very intelligent, alert and mischievous cats. Always inquisitive and ready for a game, they retain their "kitten-ness" even after they mature into adults. Abys thrive on attention and are very people oriented. They display considerable sensitivity to the moods of their human companions --quiet and soulful when need be and up for playtime at any time. Abys shower their owners with love and attention and expect the same in return. These cats have a distinctive bell-like voice.
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