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Schipperkes are bold, active, hardy dogs that love to run. They're usually good with other animals, but suspicious of strangers. Most are good with kids, but will snap if teased or startled. They're sometimes hard to housebreak.

The Schipperke is quick, energetic, alert, curious and protective. He seems to think that he is much bigger than he actually is. A tireless little watchdog, he challenges intruders, is wary of strangers and backs down from nothing. He is devoted and loyal to family members and often bonds strongly with one person.


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Schnoodles are known for being devoted and intelligent companions. Keenly perceptive, they combine the Poodle's sharp mind and the Schnauzer's desire to please his owner. Fun and mischievous, Schnoodles are curious, energetic, playful dogs. They are very astute and seem to be able to predict their owners' actions and moods. They are prone to bursts of energy and often amuse their owners by running around in circles for a minute or two.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Short title: 
rhodesian ridgeback
With his brave and loyal nature, the Ridgeback can make an exceptional companion. He is a strong and independent-minded dog; however, and needs an experienced and fair leader to help him be his best. Ridgebacks are known to be ferocious hunters, and they possess great stamina and strength. They learn quickly but bore easily. Intelligent and devoted to the extreme, they are very protective of their owners.


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The Rottweiler is a sturdy, strong, dependable, self-assured and intelligent dog. He tends to be aloof with strangers and has a natural guarding instinct and an inherent desire to protect home and family. With his loved ones, he is a mellow and loving animal who can be extremely playful and even silly. He is happiest in the company of those he loves, and he needs this companionship and lots of socialization to bring out his finest qualities. He has been a service dog to sectors as diverse as the military and the infirm because of his intelligence, patience, and discretion.

Saint Bernard

Short title: 
saint bernard
Saint Bernards ("Saints") have fantastic temperaments - they are friendly, patient, loyal, eager to please, tolerant and intelligent. Their look, carriage and whole being is one of self-confidence. They are very reliable and can be trusted in almost any circumstance. Some Saints may be aloof with strangers, but most are warm and outgoing.


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Two varieties of Saluki are available: Feathered Saluki and Smooth Saluki.
Salukis are quiet, gentle and calm. They're agile jumpers that need lots of running exercise. Salukis are timid with strangers. They get along well with other dogs, but they're sometimes aggressive with cats and rabbits. Salukis are sometimes hard to housebreak. Professional obedience training is highly recommended.

The Saluki is dignified, intelligent and independent. He is also quiet, gentle and even-tempered. Although he has a deep affection for his humans, he is not demonstrative about it. Generally aloof toward strangers, he may be somewhat shy and needs plenty of socialization to be comfortable around different people and situations.


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Most Pulis are assertive and agile; some are nervous and high-strung. These dogs are protective with strangers and aggressive with other animals. Pulis are sometimes aggressive with other animals. Because they're quick tempered, Pulis aren't the best companions for children. They love to bark and need lots of exercise.

Pulis are herding dogs. In general, herding dogs were originally bred to control the movement of sheep and cattle. While some breeds still work the farmlands, others are used for search and rescue and narcotics detection.

Rat Terrier

Short title: 
rat terrier
Lively and inquisitive, the Rat Terrier is a feisty, friendly and lovable dog. The standards are excellent dogs to have on a farm where control of vermin is an issue; mini Rat Terriers are most suitable as companions. Both sizes are fearless and have a great loyalty to their owners. They are playful and always ready to participate in any activity.


Short title: 
The Pug's motto is multum in parvo - a lot in a small package - and it captures his essence. It is no wonder he has been adored by so many for so long - he is big enough to be "all dog" but small enough to go anywhere. The Pug is an even-tempered, happy, affectionate and jovial companion. He is curious and curious-looking, attracting attention and returning affection. He is clever and mischievous just when least expected. He tries hard to please his owner and loves to be the center of attention by clowning around.


Short title: 
Puggles have a lively temperament. They are very energetic, sweet natured and social. They love to play, but when playtime is over, they are content to sit in their owner's lap. Puggles are friendly and willing and able to charm everyone they come across.
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