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Whippets are gentle dogs that love to curl up under blankets. They have a tendency toward nervousness and are timid around strangers. Whippets need long walks and runs. They usually gets along well with dogs and cats, but should be watched around rabbits and rodents. They're sometimes hard to housebreak.

The Whippet is an easygoing, amiable, adaptable breed. His elegant, sleek appearance may signal "high strung" to some, but in reality he is extremely calm and gentle in the home, saving his great intensity and single-mindedness to sporting pursuits. His sweet temperament and devotion to his owner make him a great family pet and unbeatable companion.

Wire Fox Terrier

Short title: 
wire fox terrier
Scrappy, plucky and energetic, the Wire Fox Terrier is a wonderful, sturdy pet for an active family. He is friendly and alert and enjoys spending time with his people. Gregarious, intelligent and daring, the Wire Fox Terrier brings joy and vitality to his home.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Short title: 
wirehaired pointing griffon

Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are pleasant and gentle. They love to run and need lots of exercise. They're reserved with strangers and do best in quiet households. They gets along well with other pets, but are sometimes hard to housebreak.

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon ("WPG") is a wonderful companion for those who love the outdoors. Good natured and affable, he thrives on long walks through all kinds of environments. Indoors, he is a mellow dog who wants to share your time by staying near you. The WPG is patient yet playful - a large, solid dog with a stable disposition.

Xoloitzcuintli (Miniature)

Short title: 
xoloitzcuintli (miniature)
The Xolo is cheerful, attentive, intelligent, and alert-a great companion and watchdog. He served as a guardian for millennia, so he is suspicious of strangers and can be aloof when he first meets new people. For his family, though, he has nothing but affection and is supremely loyal, usually attaching himself to one "special" person. He has been described as a big dog in a small body, and he is no pushover, occasionally showing a stubborn streak. He needs your direction and fair leadership to understand his role in the family.

Welsh Terrier

Short title: 
welsh terrier

Welsh Terriers are easygoing and they like lots of exercise. They're fast chasers - keep them on a leash or in a fenced-in yard whenever they're outside. These charming little dogs usually get along well with other pets and considerate children.

Welsh Terriers are part of the Terrier group. In general, terriers have a very distinctive personality that's unlike any other breed. They're feisty and energetic. Originally bred to hunt and kill vermin, terriers love the chase - don't let your terrier off its leash unless it's in an enclosed area.

The Welsh Terrier's compact, sturdy exterior hides a genuinely affable dog who relishes time spent with his nearest and dearest. Curious and fairly calm, his standard describes him as showing self-control, and this is evident in his demeanor. However, the Welsh Terrier is still all terrier and does have a terrier's natural drive and protectiveness. For this reason, he makes a great watchdog - and a dog for whom socialization from puppyhood is necessary so that he can feel confident, not threatened, by different kinds of people, places and things.

West Highland White Terrier

Short title: 
west highland white terrier
The West Highland White Terrier is hardy, devoted, and happy-go-lucky, exhibiting typical terrier tendencies - sturdiness, a no-nonsense attitude, loyalty, tenacity and independence. But this dog is not as volatile as some of the others in his group. In fact, the Westie standard warns against excessive pugnacity (having a combative personality). Inclement weather is no deterrent to his energetic personality, and he makes a fine family pet.


Short title: 
The Weimaraner is a talented, high-energy dog. "Friendly," "fearless," "alert" and "obedient" are words usually used to describe this breed, and he is all these things and more. He was bred to handle tough situations, and he doesn't back down easily. He learns quickly and bores quickly. Effusively affectionate with his family and those he knows, the Weimaraner can be aloof and territorial with strangers.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Short title: 
welsh springer spaniel

Welsh Springer Spaniels are quiet and steady. Although they look a lot like English Springer Spaniels, they're much less outgoing. Welsh Springers are suspicious of strangers, but they get along well with children and other animals.

Tibetan Spaniel

Short title: 
tibetan spaniel

In Tibet, Tibetan Spaniels used to sit on top of monastery walls and bark whenever strangers approached. Often called "lion dogs," Tibetan Spaniels are extremely agile and often compared to cats. They're playful, good with children and other pets, but they're often reserved with strangers.

Tibetan Spaniels ("Tibbies" to their fanciers) are made for companionship. Affectionate and adoring of their owners, they are eager to please. These intelligent and playful dogs wish to be the center of attention at all times. Naturally suspicious of strangers, they warm up slowly to nonfamily members.

Tibetan Terrier

Short title: 
tibetan terrier

Tibetan Terriers are lively and playful, so they need daily exercise. They're usually friendly with strangers, kids and other pets. They're stubborn, however, and hard to housebreak. When they bark, they make an unusual sound that resembles a siren on a fire truck.

Having watched over and been adored by the Tibetan lamas for centuries, the Tibetan Terrier has mastered companionship. He is typically outgoing and friendly, although he can be reserved with strangers. Protective of his family, he makes an excellent watchdog. This warm and affectionate dog bonds closely with his family.
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